Your flooring and underfloor heating

Choosing the floor for your project is one of the most important decisions you will have to make, after all, your floor space is probably the largest area you will be covering, so you need to get it right.
With the popularity of underfloor heating ever increasing in new builds and renovation projects, it is essential to understand how floor coverings and under floor heating combine and work together. Follow these guidelines to ensure your flooring lasts a lifetime.
Here at Pietra Wood & Stone Ltd we are the approved supplier and installer for hard flooring over the NU Heat Underfloor Heating systems. We will ensure that your chosen flooring is installed correctly and will work with the UFH as efficiently as possible. The following is advice for those that have chosen Engineered Flooring.

Site Conditions
It is essential that the site conditions are suitable and ready for the flooring to be delivered, acclimatised and installed. This includes the following,
1. Ensure your building is weatherproof
2. All wet trades have been completed (plastering, decorating etc)
3. The moisture content of the subfloor is correct
4. Humidity levels in the property are correct

These two images show the effect of excessive moisture in the either the subfloor or high humidity in the room.

Installation Method
Although Engineered floors can be installed by the “floating” method, Pietra Wood & Stone always recommend the glue down or mechanical fixing options. Both options provide a floor that is solid to walk on and extremely stable. Pietra Wood & Stone work to specifications based upon the type of Nu Heat UFH system you are using, and the specification is supplied by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of floor installation products. This ensures the correct procedures are followed.

This image shows the Glue Down method of installing.

Post Installation
The following are guidelines we advise you should always follow once your engineered floor has been laid. If other trades are going to be working on your new floor. Make sure it is adequately protected. It is also vital that if your floor is protected the UFH is switched OFF.  Once all trades are finished and the floor is uncovered, we recommend vacuuming and washing the floor. Once dry, the applying of a maintenance product is advised, prior to any furniture being placed on the floor. When you are ready to turn your UFH on it is important that the heating is set to a low temperature and then this is increased slowly day by day until the desired temperature is reached.

Ongoing Humidity
During the winter months and heating systems being on for long periods of time, it is quite common for the humidity levels in properties to drop below the recommended levels. Even if your heating is set at a low temperature, this can still happen especially towards the end of the winter season. Engineered floors are made of real wood and so they are also affected by both high and low humidity levels. It may be necessary to install a Humidifier in the rooms to keep with the recommended parameters.

These two images show the possible effects of low humidity on engineered flooring.

After Care
It is quite likely that you have made a significant investment in your new engineered floor. Like any investment, you need to care for and look after it. Here are some essential tips.

You will probably find that you vacuum and sweep your floor. When you do come to wash the floor, you must ensure the product you are using is suitable for engineered floors.
It is advisable to periodically apply a maintenance product to your floor. This will help maintain the protection the finish of the floor provides. NEVER use a steam mop to clean your engineered floor. This will strip the protection from the floor and moisture will penetrate the floor.

This image shows the damage caused by a steam mop.

Why choose Pietra Wood & Stone
As the approved suppliers and installers for NU Heat Ltd, you can be confident that the correct installation materials and methods have been used on your chosen under floor heating system. You can take advantage of our 10% discount on your NU Heat purchase, simply call us on 01227 782424 and we will provide you with a voucher code. Simply quote this to Nu Heat to claim your discount. Once you know what heating system you are using, call us and we will be able to provide you with the cost details for installing your engineered floor. Purchase one of our many engineered floors, and you will automatically receive a minimum 20% discount on your flooring purchase.

Visit our CONTACTS page to see where our nearest showroom is to you.

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