About Pietra Wood & Stone

Pietra is a leading provider of flooring solutions, offering a diverse range of options including wood, stone, and porcelain. Our extensive selection caters to various needs, making us a valuable resource for clients seeking high-quality flooring for new construction and renovation projects. By prioritizing budget optimisation without compromising on quality, we save our clients valuable time and resources.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Pietra excels in delivering exceptional surfacing and flooring solutions to both retail and professional clients. Our expertise allows us to enhance your project with the impeccable finish it deserves. Trust us to provide the perfect flooring solution for your needs.

Pietra Flooring | Wood | Stone | Bath | Fulham
  • An extensive range of displays with samples available

  • Experienced and helpful staff in dog friendly showrooms!

  • Expertise in both supply and installation

  • Strategic partnerships with quarries and factories across Europe and the UK

Dog Friendly Showroom at Pietra
  • Factory sourcing to ensure quality & competitive pricing

  • Estimates from architects drawings and site measures

  • Comprehensive maintenance programs

  • Quality before and after customer service

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Tel: 01225 783527
Tel: 0207 6106111

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