Hand Finished Wood Flooring

A hand-finished wooden floor is a meticulously crafted flooring option, and, unlike machine-finished floors, hand finishing involves the manual application of stains, oils, or lacquers to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Each plank we colour right here in the UK, is carefully inspected and treated by hand, resulting in a unique and personalised appearance.

Hand finishing allows for greater control over colour variation, texture, and sheen, ensuring a custom look that complements any interior style. This labour-intensive process enhances the wood's natural grain patterns and brings out its inherent character, creating a stunning and durable flooring solution that exudes warmth and sophistication.

Pietra's aim is to provide beautiful floors which are finished by hand here in England. Our team of professionals have a wealth of experience, enabling them to develop a collection of finishes to suit all tastes.

Hand finishing, rather than production line machines gives us the opportunity to create floors that are truly unique to each customer.

hand finished wood flooring

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