Large format porcelain tiles

It wasn’t that long ago that a 60cm x 60cm tile was considered “large format.” It was the goto tile size for clients that were looking for a big tile to cover their floor and or walls. 80cm x 80cm is now the “norm” but many ranges will also have a 100cm x 100cm & 120cm x 120cm option available as well.

But, it doesn’t stop there…..

New technology has enabled the porcelain factories to produce 300cm x 100cm or 260cm x 120cm sheets or porcelain that can be 3.5mm. 5.5mm or 6mm thick.
This makes the product flexible, light and easy to handle. It can also be used in a variety of different applications.

Why use large format porcelain

1) Larger tiles create the feeling of “space” within the room
2) They are extremely durable and do not require specialist cleaners.
3) Can be used inside & outside with many ranges having a 20mm thick, anti-slip version for use on terraces and alike.
4) Larger tiles = less grout joints.
5) Porcelain is exteremly durable, making it an ideal product for both commercial and domestic environments.
What should you consider before installing large format tiles.
1) Ensure your subfloor or walls are level and even
2) When using on walls, check the weight your wall can bear
3) Always use an experienced installer

When or where to use large format porcelain

More and more people are choosing to live open plan. This gives you a much larger connected floor space and using one colour in a large format enhances the open plan feel to the home. This can often be extended out through on to the terrace as many of the tiles have a non-slip version for outdoor use. This enables you to bring the outside in.

There are numerous designs available. Sharp straight edges in natural, satin or gloss finishes to work with contemporary designs. Or, stone or wood effect versions that give a more rural feel to period or historical properties.

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