Exterior Porcelain

Summer has arrived at last, so it’s time to think outside spaces! For years Indian sandstone has been by far the most popular choice for people looking for an outdoor paving material. Whilst this type of natural stone has served its purpose very well, the new kid on the block is porcelain paving. Frost proof, stain proof and weatherproof, what’s not to like?

A lot of new homes and extensions are opting for large bifold or sliding glass doors to open up the space and to “bring the outside in”. Porcelain manufacturers have come up with an array of floor tiles that have internal and external versions, that match each other perfectly, in size and colour. It is common for a 10mm thick tile to be used inside the home and then a matching 19 or 20mm version for the outside, with the outdoor option having an anti-slip finish.

The porcelain tiles are also available in a variety of sizes in both thicknesses, up to 1000mm x 1000mm.  Terraced outdoor spaces are not a problem either. Most of the outdoor porcelains we offer have a selection of “step” pieces that can be used to overcome sloped or stepped areas. Swimming pool copings and drainage grills are also available, to enable you to complete your outdoor/indoor space to the highest standard.

Exterior porcelain can also be installed in a number of ways.

  • On top of compacted scalpings in a full bed of mortar
  • Dry laid on to sand/grass
  • Pedestals

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