Antiqued Engineered Flooring

Many people expect an engineered floor to look brand new once it has been installed. Our range of “antiqued” engineered flooring gives you the option to install a new floor that looks like it is original.

Being engineered, the floors are designed to work with underfloor heating. They are extremely stable and are available in a variety of widths and colours and the options are in the gallery below, but for your reference we’ve outlined the 3.

Option 1
Extra rustic grade which has been hand carved to enhance the natural open cracks and characteristics, with open knots and end cracks.

Option 2
Extra rustic grade with a natural undulating surface with raised knots and hand carved cracks. Includes a brushed and band saw finish with filled cracks & end cracks.

Option 3

Extra rustic grade with naturally shrunken knots and hand carved cracks. A slightly brushed and smooth undulating surface with occasional light band saw marks along with filled cracks and end cracks.

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